In order to build a happier environment for children's growth, some parents may like to buy the toys which are beyond the age. But the more functions of the toys, may be not pleased to the children. Sometime, it will cause fear or setback when they can't use smoothly, that may reduce their learning ability and willingness in some aspects. Now a lot of educational toys fully take into account the ease of operation. Simple operate toys can subtly cultivate the habit of learning and exploration and enhance children's self-confidence under the sense of accomplishment.


Most parents like toys which are not easy to break. Actually, a toy's durability depends on the comprehensive design, manufacturing methods and material. Toys durability should also take into account of their playable character. Though many educational toys have lots of functions, they do not consider the proper guidance on children's learning, exploration and curiosity, ignoring the fact about children's attention which is easily dispersed. Many children play with only one or two function toys, which will inevitably cause the child tired of them, so that many parents often complain that they just bought a new toy. Therefore, a good toy should be not only meet the children's curious, restless and learn features, but can play an inestimable role in children's brain development.


Toys' color, shape and composition are the important factors to attract children. Beautiful colors of toys are not only easy to attract children, but will draw attention from parents, such as plush dolls, magic cube, etc., which also can cultivate children's practical ability.