"How does baby language develop" has always been one of the most concerned problems for parents. The early childhood experts agree that it is not only necessary but can not miss to make kids live in a rich language environment.

Language is a unique communication tool for human, which is also the outward manifestation of thought. The babies by language are able to meet their physical and spiritual needs through the communication with others, while improving the level of baby's cognitive and social ability and promoting baby's mental development. So, it is particularly important to cultivate the language skill since one was young.

Learning a language for baby requires constant imitating and reinforce. The more interesting things, the better effects will be found, because when baby face such interesting things, they will learn more serious, and remember more firmly. It is also the same reason for learning a language. Let your children play the toys which can talk will be arouse the baby's interest in learning language. It is also in line with the baby's physiological characteristics on curious and exploring the unknown things.

Some others like the wooden musical toys, role play toys, etc. which are all have the ability to develop baby's language skills, hands-on skills, cognitive graphics and colors, etc.

Therefore, choose the right toys and let the toys become a good language helper.