Even if a toy is safe on quality, but it can still cause security risks due to human behaviors, such as the toys which usually be bitten by kids can't clean, resulting harm for children health. So it is also very important for adult to know more other safety using tips on toys and provide a good play surrounding for our kids, like what should know before playing, how to keep toys and so on.

Toys Safety Use

1. Read the instructions carefully before playing toys
2. After buying toys, adults should first play to familiar and know if there is a dangerous situation, and then demonstrate the correct play way to the children. If you want the children find their own way, so you need next to him/her.
3. Don't put small toys on the places where are easy to get for children, and resulting to swallow, especially like marbles or the small parts on toys.
4. Don't put the talking toys near children's ears to prevent frighten them.
5. Please remember to wash kids' hands after they played.

Toys require regular maintenance

1. Check toys periodically to see if there are damage or scattered parts, so that to prevent the damage part injuring to the child, or swallowing the scattered small parts.
2. For children's toys, preferably every two weeks or so to wash them with soap or other cleaning fluid.
3. For those fur, soft cotton toys, you can sterilize with spray disinfectant, under UV irradiation or sun exposure.

Toys need to be carefully kept

1. Put the toys on the low and stable shelf, or relatively shallow basket or box which are easy and safe for kids to get them.

Toys packaging needs special treatment

1. Throw away all the plastic or foam packaging. Because the children may head into the plastic bag and causing suffocation, and even more young kids will bite off the foam.
2. Also remember that cut few holes on these packing before throw away to prevent children pick up again and causing dangerous.
3. Remove all the staples or other extra nails on the packaging boxes.
4. After clean up all the packaging, you should check again to ensure there is no any other sharp goods on the toys.